Garage Boys Bios

The Garage Boys formed in 2007 and have been rocking the Las Vegas Strip since, along with some amazing times in Alaska, Texas, Oklahoma, California, Arizona and North Carolina. Their shows primarily are all-request cover gigs. What they noticed from their audiences of all ages was the desire for classic rock. Younger people may like pop artists like Katy Perry or Justin Beiber, but they still want to hear “You shook me all night long” and “Living on a Prayer”. These songs still spark the new generations' enthusiasm for guitar-based rock. That is one of the inspirations behind the Garage Boys unique album. These four guys come from different walks of life and each member of the band shows their unique style and history in their first album. They have a retro-rock sound that appeals to people in their 20's as much as it does for people in their 40's and beyond. The self-titled debut transcends generations and its unique sound is the result of four talented musicians with years of experience coming together. Each member is inspired by different genres of music. Their new self-titled album was released in March of 2012.  We know you will find something that speaks to you.

BryanAn experienced singer/songwriter and guitar player from Toronto, Canada. Bryan was no stranger to both original and cover gigs. His song “Original” was featured on the hit reality series “Jenna’s American Sex Star” during Season 2 finale, Playboy Network. His inspiration for the song was David Bowie. Recognizing Bryan’s talent for songwriting and stage presence, Bryan was asked to join the recording act See Spot Run. Signed to Laggerhead Records, their hit,“Weighttless” ranked in the top 10 on the BDS charts. Canada now recognizes them as the first independently signed band to do this. Bryan wrote “Middle of the Road” for See Spot Run in 2003, their last charting song, before he left the band 2004 to join the Garage Boys in Las Vegas. He now serves as the Garage Boys

MikeThe youngest member of the group, Mike grew up in Manitoba , Canada playing AAA Hockey. He was being scouted as a Forward but the lure of music was too much for the Winnipeg native. Moving to Vegas in 2009 he was in the cover band, Jayed, playing on the Las Vegas Strip, Mesquite and Reno. He was also in an original band, Formality, which was nominated for “Band of the Year” in 2010 by Las Vegas Rocks Magazine. Mike was soon after asked to join the Garage Boys in the place of their previous guitar player. Mike adds an exciting and humor to the band that grips their audiences. His influences: Justin Bieber and Milli Vanilli. Just kidding.


A Las Vegas local, born and raised, Aaron was born into a classical/jazz family of performers. His father, Art Harris, was part of the Las Vegas music scene as a drummer and singer for over 30 years. Aaron’s primary instruments are piano, synthesizer and the organ. But when the Garage Boys approached him they were looking for a Keyboard player that could also play Bass. Aaron was up for the challenge and learned to play bass in 6 months. He also learned the harmonica, melodica and provides back up vocals for the band now. This makes him one of the most versatile musicians in Las Vegas. He also engineered and co-produced the Garage Boys first album. He is a man of many talents

A drummer from Colbert, Oklahoma, Craig started playing at the age of 14. As an adult he played with the Tennessee Hatband, David Allen Coe’s back up band. He moved to Vegas in 2002 were he was a part of numerous acts on the Las Vegas Strip. Craig found himself drumming for Trent Carleenie, a premier Elvis impersonator, in Elvis’s showroom at the Hilton. American Superstars ZZ Top act at the Stratosphere. And in 2006 he played with Jamie Fricky. He even preformed as an Ozzy impersonator for a short time. His influences include Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath. But what sets Craig apart from the average drummer are his singing skills. Craig’s unique voice in combination with his drum talents puts an audience into awe. A gentleman once got angry at the band, claiming that Craig was lip singing and the band was playing to tracks. This is the level of Excellency you can expect from Craig.