Craig Small-A drummer from Collbert, Oklahoma, Craig started playing at the age of 14. As an adult he played with the Tennessee Hatband, David Allen Coe’s back up band. He moved to Vegas in 2002 were he was a part of numerous acts on the Las Vegas Strip. Craig found himself drumming for Trent Carlini, a premier Elvis impersonator, in Elvis’s showroom at the Hilton. American Superstars ZZTop act at the Stratosphere.  And in 2006 he played with Jamie Fricke. He even performed as an Ozzy impersonator for a short time. His influences include Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath. But what sets Craig apart from the average drummer are his singing skills. Craig’s unique voice in combination with his drum talents puts an audience into awe.  A gentleman once got angry at the band, claiming that Craig was lip syncing and the band was playing to tracks. This is the level of excellency you can expect from Craig.